Finn Bech Christensen

On my daily walks with Malusen, I have met a lot of interesting dog owners. I have told them about my writings and received some good advises. A certain advice clung to my mind. A teacher said, after having read some of the Malusen books: “Finn, you should make some inte-resting language exercises in relation to your books! And that’s because the subject “Labrador” is a dog, that kids can relate to and it will interest many children. School books are generally pretty boring!” I did!


It is my personal experience in searching, discovering and achieving the Danish lan-guage knowledge that is the foundation for MalusenLand. As a baby, I was admitted to a hospital with life-threatening meningitis and was hospitalized for more than 1½ years. The lack of contact to close family-members and the intensive treatment de-layed the verbal as well as the physical development.


I have been told that I was unable to move until my second year and therefore I could not crawl or walk. Then a miracle occurred Christmas eve 1949. The Christmas tree went on fire at the hospital. A large num-ber of the staff was busy extinguishing the fire, while the rest concentrated on mo-ving children. I was overseen! But when it got too hot and scary, I stood up and walk-ed away on my own into safety. From this day on I could walk.


During hospitalization my family lived in Jutland, was splitted because of my father’s death in 1949. Two brothers and a sister were placed in childrenhome in Copenha-gen. I was after hospitalization transferred to an childrenhome for infants. At the age of only four I was reunified with my two brothers in the same children’s home. It was here, my language started developing thanks to contact and dialogue with the 18 children at the childrenhome.


Toys were limited at that time, and to kill time with something sensible, I participa-ted with special interest in the older boys’ lessons consultation. I quickly cracked the code to understand the spoken language, alphabet and spelling. I taught myself how to read, understand and write. The result of my “self-studies” was so good that the headmistress at the childrenhome conside-red me ready to join school, when I in 1952 was 6 years old. It does give a bonus to make one’s own efforts, and I’ve created tools that turn help to self-help, into a fun-ny game.

Finn Bech Christensen says: To remain a psychological strong person, your life must be filled with joy and good experiences, but it also demands great selfconfidence, and that you achieve through knowledge – and that’s exactly what MalusenLand is offering. Joy and knowledge in one unity!


MalusenLand has a mission: To inform children and give them a possibility to make their life blossom through joy and know-ledge. MalusenLand is a fantastic book-, play- and learning universe for children, which is based on the extremely heart-breaking, humorous and instructive books about the Labrador, how it was saved from extermination, and later in the book series “Fairy tale and stories about the Labrador”, where the stories are based on observa-tions from Malusens life, and is written from my interpretation of Malusens think-ing when she explores the world. This means, that the books are incredibly hu-morous and at the same time very educa-tional, combined with a good portion of philosophical and thorough explanation of problem issues. I would call it hidden learn-ing to everyday life for children.


Finn Bech Christensen says: 20 -25 % of children leave school without being able to read or write properly. It is not only the schools problem; It is a problem we are all responsible to solve.


The solution lies within the child itself. The innate desire to create and learn. Our learning material can activate children through help to self-help! And in a funny and exciting way.


The Malusen idea: Is to tell and teach children the importance of learning to live within a ”flock” and being able to respond quickly to the verbal and non-verbal beha-vior and from a very early stage of their life – just like Malusen who is the focal point in all the books. It is through our books the children will be fortified with this under-standing in an effortless way.


Today, children have toys and leisure activities as never seen before. That might slightly affect some of the most essential in their upbringing, namely learning the lan-guage and to behave socially correct in real life. With this in mind, it has given us the idea to create the possibility to unite play and learning, and also create a universe for children, where language is the central ele-ment. In MalusenLand language learning and other subjects is done through play, games and funny competitions, and here it will be exciting to go on adventures and absorb knowledge.

Greetings Malusen

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